Londoners’ London?

The feeling you get while in London is in between “Welcome home” and “Living the dream”.

This international meltin’ pot welcomes eveyone and doesn’t allow anybody to feel a stranger in its streets: wherever you come from, there will always be at least a shop, restaurant or person from your own country.
Besides this, you could be living here for years and yet not be able to consider yourself a full “Londoner”.
It’s hard to define a Londoner, but they can be recognized from the pubs they go to, from the way they act on the tube and from the proud in their voice when saying where do they come from.
They are widely considered the “coolest”: they seem to be living in a parallel era, but yet totally updated with technology; they look slightly arrogant, but still wrapped in the famous British politeness; they are the most underground, but etremely classy at the same time.

Nonetheless, London has stopped being a only Londoners’ city long time ago and it looks now more like the dream-city of mass of people coming from all over the world to reinvent themselves.
What we want, as immigrant in London, is to start our new life here, succeed in our career and be as confident as Londonders are.

Will we be able to make ours this city that seems so welcoming for everybody?
Yes, sure, we already did so.
Will we get rid of our own culture and traditions, becoming “British”?
Probably not.

This city offers almost everything we can find in our countries and everything else they don’t offer, so it is too easy for us to stick to our countries abroad and BYO.
British culture is much more than fish & chips and pubs, but it’s hard to completely immerse in it while in London, maybe because this city is so multicultural, or maybe because Londoners themselves aren’t too bothered about it.

And maybe that is why it is so easy to integrate and yet so difficoult to have an overwhelming life changing experience.