Cap I – Mildura and the Sunraysia

On my way to Mildura. Don’t even know why I decided to go there, it just sounds like the right thing to do.

On the train, I enjoyed losing myself staring at the landscape: stunning, long and wide fields, sometimes cultivated, sometimes wild. Can’t count the amount of cows and sheep that I’ve seen, slightly similar to the quantity of different shades of green.
Australian countryside will never stop surprising me.

An old lady sits next to me.
She was from Melbourne, retired in the Morington Peninsula, when the husband was really sick, he wanted to go back from where he came from: the countryside.
She loves it here now. She has a big garden, which she takes care of, she goes walking and having picnics on a river and she keeps herself busy painting on woods and texture.
She’s happier now then how she’s ever been.

Finally in Swan Hill, ready to catch the bus to Mildura.
Arrived there, I lost my compass: as I arrived in the city, really excited, I decided to hitchhike in direction North without bothering checking the map.

This is how I met Chris and Yvette, beautiful and helpful souls.
Chris rescued me from the road, brought me into his house and made me a cup of tea with cake and oranges.
Then we sat outside his small house and looked at the endless fields of orange trees. No clouds in the clear sky, the noise of the wind through the fronds and us, talking about this and that.

Yvette drove me to her old house, telling me stories about her work with the Aboriginal Community. Then Chris came by and decided to stretch me until Westworth, stunning little town famous because of the junction between the Darling and the Murray, the two biggest river of Australia.
Chris is a lovely man, really giving and still seeking love. I can only hope the best for him and Yvette.

I found a caravan park and placed my tiny tent next to the river, where the pelicans are keeping me company.

Wrapped in two sleeping bags and still freezing, I decide to have a look at the map. There’s when I realized that the road I wanted to take was only a small country road and I would have not had a great success hitchhiking there.

Asking myself what the hell was I doing there, I decided I would have tried to reach Port Augusta the day after.